Patina Old World Wood Floors

Patina Hardwood Flooring

The definition of Patina is a surface appearance of something grown beautiful with age or use. Green Earth Hardwoods is a dealer for Patina Old World Flooring, which are hand distressed plank and parquet flooring, reproducing the look of vintage European floors. Hand distressed wood is a timeless and beautiful choice of floor covering, surprisingly easy to clean and maintain. Inevitable nicks and dings usually blend into the finish or are easily touched up to restore the soft sheen of the finish. Each individual board is hand made using a special hand scraping technique to create a unique surface for each board.

The founding concept of the floors came from the old parquet found in chateaux and old country houses in Europe. The flooring has the "patina" of the ages imbedded in every square inch, no one part the same as another.

Founder Jim Henderson felt that the large mansions in the United States might well enjoy just such character for their floors but today's owners can hardly wait the generations for it to develop naturally, so he set about creating the look and feel himself.

It took research into the ancient methods of fashioning and maintaining the old floors coupled with the technology of today to recreate the style.

Patina started with a variety of parquet floors, added solid wide plank, medallions and even a more modest level of flooring called "The Relics Collection" that brings much of the look and feel to a wider audience.

Today, what typifies Patina is not only their unique textures and finishes but the fact that they specialize in working directly with the client whether that be the architect, interior designer, installer and/or the home owner, to create the floor they want for their house rather than offering a fixed catalogue of floors, take it or leave it.




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