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"Nothing Happens until someone sells something"

 We are a direct sales company that talks to customers every day. We design and staff individual marketing campaigns that help today's companies compete in a ultra competitive environment.  With so many different types of advertising bombarding today's customers, there is a premium on a company's ability to directly approach customers. Our sales teams and processes maximize our client’s ability to talk to customers face to face and gain market share.

 Our company’s partners have over 50 years in sales, sales training and corporate management experience and have created a corporate culture that is based on positive motivation and measured performance goals. We reward performance with industry leading compensation and reward plans and create a management career path that ensures unparalleled employee loyalty.

 Our needs based selling approach ensures that our client’s potential revenue is being maximized with the emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our clients know that their customers are being presented with the most professional and customer friendly approach possible in today’s market. We have robust direct sales training program which is designed to accelerate excellent product knowledge and to developed consultative selling techniques.

The strength of our corporate culture, training systems and our data base management system gives us the foundation to mobilize and manage multiple markets. The real benefit to you is a direct sales force that can be deployed to a new market with shortened ramp-up duration and is very adaptive to new products.


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abci-criss-cross-logoABCI combines experienced creative and technical personnel together with a strong support team. We can rise to a challenge and make the process a rewarding one for our clients.


Our team is bursting with creativity, and is experienced enough to ensure that our solutions agree with your needs. If you have read this far then you already know that we can help you. The net results become self-evident, straight forward, and strikingly effective.

We Combine Traditional Marketing + Internet Marketing + Email Marketing = Marketing Success!

Description of Services

The internet marketing service that we provide is surprisingly hard to find —a combination of teamwork, capability, and creativity to deliver a site that works well and looks good too. Working closely with clients, we develop an internet marketing strategy that fits your business model and respects your business objectives. Grasping the roots of your business and comprehending your product/service and market is key to our web site design solution. Refining the backbone of a site, whether for optimization for search engines, direct E-mail response and / or E-commerce requirements, is also critical when producing a web site that can evolve with your growth and success.

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