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abci-criss-cross-logoABCI combines experienced creative and technical personnel together with a strong support team. We can rise to a challenge and make the process a rewarding one for our clients.


Our team is bursting with creativity, and is experienced enough to ensure that our solutions agree with your needs. If you have read this far then you already know that we can help you. The net results become self-evident, straight forward, and strikingly effective.

We Combine Traditional Marketing + Internet Marketing + Email Marketing = Marketing Success!

Description of Services

The internet marketing service that we provide is surprisingly hard to find —a combination of teamwork, capability, and creativity to deliver a site that works well and looks good too. Working closely with clients, we develop an internet marketing strategy that fits your business model and respects your business objectives. Grasping the roots of your business and comprehending your product/service and market is key to our web site design solution. Refining the backbone of a site, whether for optimization for search engines, direct E-mail response and / or E-commerce requirements, is also critical when producing a web site that can evolve with your growth and success.

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16835 Algonquin Street

Huntington Beach, CA 92649


Primary Market or Service Area (County and State:

Los Angeles County, California

Orange County, California


Phone: 800-789-7310

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The City of Orange is located in north-central Orange County, approximately 32 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The city is predominantly flat with hills surrounding Orange to the north and east. The Santa Ana River generally forms the western boundary and Santiago Creek traverses the city from the northeast to the southwest.


The City of Orange has a diverse economic base including a full spectrum of retail, office, and industrial uses, as well as major medical centers and educational institutions. The broad range of business activity in the city provides Orange with a local, national and international presence. The access to the city provided by four major freeways and the Metrolink commuter rail system also makes Orange a particularly convenient business location.


Auto/transportation is the major sales tax producing business group in Orange, followed by general consumer goods. The City of Orange has steadily produced a higher sales per capita rate than the County and California itself.


Incorporated: April 6, 1888
Area: 24.2 square miles
Latitude: 33° 47' 16"
Longitude: 117° 51' 00"
Elevation: 195 feet
Orange Sphere of Influence: 32.4 sq. miles

POPULATION: 138,640 (California Department of Finance Estimates for Jan 1, 2007)

Call the City Message Center at (714) 744-5511

Send a letter via U.S. mail to:
Attn: Information Office
City of Orange
300 E. Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92866

Send a letter via fax to: Information Office, (714) 744-5515.

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