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There are numerous variants when it comes to hardwood floorings. These differ not just in the coloring but also kind of woods used, widths and a variety of other parameters and patina finish. Other than classic hardwood variants such as white oak, red oak and ash or maple, there are also exotic varieties of such hardwoods available today. Through such exotic hardwood floorings, any homeowner can lend a personalized sense of décor to the rooms. In this manner, one can have a unique appearance on the flooring by using exotic varieties of hardwood. In fact, there are so many different varieties available these days that choosing the perfect one can be a difficult decision to make!
Almost every kind of hardwood flooring of solid wood will have a reaction to moisture. During summer, the moisture will evaporate from the wood, causing the flooring to contract. This can result in horrid looking gaps between every plank. During winter, as humidity peaks, the flooring will expand and the spaces between planks soon vanish. In case an abundance of moisture accumulates, it often causes the wooden planks to buckle up or cup. This is one reason why it is crucial during installation to have a margin between planks for the expansion and contraction. The wood should also be prepared before installation to minimize such occurrences in future.
Hardwood has a beautiful luster and finishing, which is tough for artificial flooring to replicate. While the prices of solid hardwood variants of flooring can be more expensive it is worth it. You can consider this as an investment of sorts as such flooring truly stands the test of time. You can enjoy the beautiful patina on the wooden floors for several years and for generations afterward. Hardwood flooring lends a lovely countryside charm to a room and makes it look more cosy and inviting. At our store, we have an exclusive array of authentic hardwood flooring to enable you to make the perfect choice for your rooms.

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