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abci-criss-cross-logoABCI combines experienced creative and technical personnel together with a strong support team. We can rise to a challenge and make the process a rewarding one for our clients.


Our team is bursting with creativity, and is experienced enough to ensure that our solutions agree with your needs. If you have read this far then you already know that we can help you. The net results become self-evident, straight forward, and strikingly effective.

We Combine Traditional Marketing + Internet Marketing + Email Marketing = Marketing Success!


ABCI publishes a series of "Theme" based Online Commerce Directories, which include public information and some that are published with custom and/or private information. Therefore, is you need assistance with the creation and management of your online directory web site then we would appreciate the opportunity to provide you our a proposal and/or quotation.

ABCI Offers Many Online Directory Advertising Opportunities That Are Linked Together

In 2009 we created what we call the "IsMy Theme".

America.ismycountry.us is our Master Directory which is linked to all other ABCI managed directories. Alias names include usa.ismycountry.us and unitedstatesofamerica.ismycountry.us. The name of the country, state, county, city (town, village, shopping center), college (university) or metro area replaces the "www" in the web site name or domain name.

Plus, Ismystate.us offers advertising at the US State level and is available for all 50 US States. Therefore, California.ismystate.us has a separate directory from Alabama.ismystate.us.

Ismytown.us is available for any town name in the USA. Our web site naming convention allows us to create an Online Commerce Center Directory name like HuntingtonBeach.ismytown.us, plus any other town in any US State. Another example would be Cullman.ismytown.us for Cullman, Alabama.

Directory marketing for smaller towns or sections of larger cities may option for our "ismyvillage.us" like sunsetbeach.ismyvillage.us.

Alternately, we offer online directory advertising with "ismycity.us", which means any city in the US may have its own directory like NewYork.ismycity.us.

Plus metropolitan areas that have multiple cities, towns and villages may have a unique online directory with our ismymetroarea.us, for example la.ismymetroarea.us is a unique online directory for the metropolitan Los Angeles, California area.

Our online directories for US Boroughs (Alaskan equivalent for County; plus New York City Boroughs), Counties, and Parishes are also available and represented as "Ismyborough.us", "Ismycounty.us" and "Ismyparish.us" is exclusive to the State of Louisiana.

Other retail and shopping communities are also represented by our online shop directories, which includes "Ismyshoppingcenter.us", "Ismyshoppingmall.us", plus "Ismymall.us". Therefore, a local shopping center in Huntington Beach, California is called "Sea Cliff Village" that has an online directory of shops and restaurants with the domain name "seacliffvillage.ismyshoppingcenter.us".

We offer other micro-communities like colleges and universities with the directories name "Ismycollege.us", and "Ismyuniversity.us". For example, one could create an Online Commerce Directory name auburn.ismyuniversity.us!


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